We are pleased to introduce our company as one of success since 2005 when we entered on the Romanian market of labor recruitment in Oil Gas industry .

OILROM is a leading recruitment agency that has the ability to offer to the Companies specialists in many areas.

The activity of our company is directly connected to the Oil Gas Industry, Civil, Chemical Industry sector as well.

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We have the proven ability to provide our clients specialized personnel for complex projects.

We have the proven ability to provide our clients specialized personnel for complex projects.

Oilrom Romania is one of the leading companies that has the ability to provide the contractors, specialists in areas such as:


Staff Recruitment Services

We have the proven ability to provide our clients specialized personnel for complex projects.

Skilled security agents / guards

We have the proven ability to provide our clients specialized security agents / guards for complex projects.

Security agents / guards

Oilrom MV security agents / guards

Security Guards for the Royal Family in UAE

December 2020


Our Customer is hiring Security Guards from Romania, to work for the Royal Family in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)

The guards will be stationed in the UAE.

The number of security guards we are looking to hire is around 50 – 60 Guards. The candidate profiles we would like to review should meet the below criteria:


Job Specs (Criteria)

  • Ages 25 – 30
  • Height –180 CM and above
  • Weight- 90 Kg and above
  • Basic English Language – Able to understand and communicate in English Verbally
  • We are flexible with work experience, and no military background is required.
  • Candidate must maintain confidentiality and be trustworthy as they will deal with VIP personnel
  • Candidate must be alert, intelligent, passionate to work for a Royal family
  • Candidate should have a good attitude, proactive, and have good interpersonal skills


Compensation and benefits

  • Salary is 4,000 USD per month, which is equivalent to almost 15,000 AED per month. No income tax; therefore, the salary is Net, which means the candidate will receive a full cash amount of 4000 USD in their bank account at the end of each month
  • Free Accommodation
  • Medical coverage
  • Annual round trip tickets to home country
  • One month paid leave (vacation) per year.


  • Protect, watch over, and secure necessary spaces and/or assets
  • Exhibit a strong physical presence that will help deter criminal activity
  • Conduct frequent security checks by patrolling perimeter and grounds Remain vigilant for anything unusual or potentially threatening
  • Recognize potentially dangerous situations and respond in the safest and most effective manner
  • Help, defend, and protect those in need
  • Investigate and remove trespassers/violators
  • Capture and detain perpetrators if further action needs to be taken
  • Monitor and control gate/door access for vehicles, workers, etc.
  • Secure spaces and ensure safety for those inside (lock doors, close windows, etc.)
  • Watch security cameras for suspicious activity
  • Set alarms as needed
  • Act as an escort or body guard to employees and visitors in the UAE or abroad if the employer or its client is traveling
  • Sound alarms and/or call for outside assistance when needed in emergencies (police, fire, ambulance care, etc.)
  • Write, maintain, and present detailed reports, noting any damages, theft, and/or other irregular activity

Job Requirements:

  • High School graduate. 2-year diploma or 4 year college degree preferred
  • No particular experience required
  • Alertness and attention to detail: always alert and aware of his surroundings.
  • Honesty and integrity: Is trust worthy and reliable, and always seeks the employers best interest.


Medical requirements:

Candidate is required to undergo and pass the below medical tests which is paid by the client:

  • HSV 1 and 2 – IGG
  • HSV 1 and 2 IgM
  • HBV
  • HCV
  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • Chlamydia Trachomatis- via Urine PCR
  • Neisseria Gonorrhoeae- via Urine PCR
  • Tuberculosis – blood test



No commission fee will be applied by our agency.


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